Dan’s Story Doesn’t Add Up

Taking a leaf out of Peter Beattie, the self-confessed media tart’s handbook, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is attempting to control the narrative, and rewrite history, about what happened with his “fall”.

Except the awkward part is, the story in his glossy production doesn’t match up with those already released by the Victoria Police, and Ambulance Victoria.

Dan’s Version

In his social media production, Supreme Leader Andrews said the following.

I became airborne almost, so I’m up horizontal with the step, and then all I can hear is just this almighty crunch.

And that’s when I knew, I knew that when I heard the crunch, I thought that’s, this is serious, we’re in trouble here.

Cath must have heard me sort of groaning in pain. I couldn’t yell out, she comes and finds me a few moments later. It felt like an eternity, ‘cause I couldn’t breath, I could only have the most shallow breaths in and out.


Ah, Cath called the ah, ambulance ah, and she called my close personal protection detail, the Victoria Police detail, the two guys that are with me 24/7.

They were parked just a few houses down the street, waiting for me to drive out.

Cath’s Version

Cath Andrews also appeared in the clip, and this is what she had to say about the fall.

It was awful, cause you were going blue, and, we were looking at each other and I was thinking you’re gonna die, here in Sorrento, at this holiday house. And you were looking at me and you felt the same.

What Ambulance Victoria Said

And, here is what Ambulance Victoria had to say about the incident.

Ambulance Victoria received a triple zero call for an ambulance at 6.36am on Tuesday 9 March 2021 for a patient who had fallen on steps at a house in Sorrento.

Based on information provided during the call, the case did not require an immediate lights and sirens (life-threatening emergency response) and the call underwent secondary triage.

This triage determined that the case was appropriate for ambulance response, and an ambulance was dispatched from the nearest ambulance branch in Sorrento under normal road conditions at 6.47am. The ambulance arrived at 7.01am.

(Source: TheAge.com.au)

What About Victoria Police?

What did Victoria Police have to say about it?

Victoria Police’s Chief Commissioner Shane Patton told ABC Radio he was not aware of any officers being called to the Mornington Peninsula address where the premier fell on March 9.

“No, from my understanding, you’ve got a tragic accident that’s left a person severely injured who happens to be the premier of the state,” Mr Patton said.

“That’s not a matter the police will be involved in.”

(Source 9news.com.au)

Does It Pass The Pub Test?

The comments made by Victoria Police, and Ambulance Victoria, don’t seem to match up with what Mr and Mrs Andrews have said.

For example, Chief Commissioner Patton says he isn’t aware of any officers being called, yet in Dan’s own words, his wife, Cath, called his protective detail, who are officers within Victoria Police.

So who is telling fibs?

The Chief Commissioner, or the Premier?

Or, what about what Cath Andrews said, compared to the Ambulance Victoria statement?

Now, I don’t know the finer details of Ambulance Victoria’s response policy, though I am pretty sure that if someone calls up and says the Premier of Victoria has fallen over, and can’t move, that it would be something that is considered life threatening.

Add to that, that he was going blue, and things don’t match up.

Hands up all those who think the stories match up that well, they will pass the pub test?

All We Want Is The Truth

As much as I would love to hear Colonel Jessup tell us that we can’t handle the truth, I know full well that we will never discover the truth about what happened on that fateful day/night.

And, with a sycophantic corporate press who won’t be pressuring him to answer questions any time soon.

All that leaves us with is speculation and “conspiracy theories” that may not be…