Andy Meddick Misleads Again…

Suffering a mild case of relevance deprivation syndrome, due to parliament’s mid-year break, Andy Meddick, from the Animal Justice Party decided to create some drama, and in the process mislead those gullible enough to believe it.

This time around, he seems to have taken offence to a pamphlet that was allegedly being distributed in the region he represents.

Deception Or Lack Of Understanding?

When deciphering comments made by the conspiracy theorist Meddick, it is hard to figure out whether it is because he is trying to deceive Victorian’s or he really has no idea.

And this latest piece is no different.

Whilst it isn’t disclosed exactly what is contained within the pamphlet, he is upset by a claim made in it.

According to an article on, Andy Meddick says, “The inference from these pamphlets is that if they (parents) talk to their kids about these things that they could go to jail, which is actually inherently wrong,”

He goes on to add, “This is the political agenda of the far religious right, once again not accepting legislation that’s done things like equal marriage and birth certificate reform.”

Except Andy Meddick isn’t telling the whole truth here.

The Legislation

Despite what Andy Meddick says, the above claim isn’t inherently wrong, though his response is.

According to the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021, in particular s2 says:

For the purposes of subsection (1), a practice or conduct is not a change or suppression practice if it—

(a) is supportive of or affirms a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation including, but not limited to, a practice or conduct for the

purposes of—

(i) assisting a person who is undergoing a gender transition; or

(ii) assisting a person who is considering undergoing a gender transition; or

What this means is that if the discussions you are having aren’t supportive of what your son or daughter wants to do, then you are breaking the law, and you could go to jail.

Part Of A Co-Ordinated Attack

To the casual observer, this may seem like nothing more than someone trying to set a particular record straight.

Except, it is starting to look like part of a concerted campaign against those he deems to be on the right, and those who are Christian.

Without the help from the ALP and The Greens, it is doubtful that Meddick would retain his seat in the November 2022 election.

Deceptive pieces like this are his way of circling the wagons of support for what will be a hard campaign.

Image: Andy Meddick (source – facebook)