Robyn Chuter Is Back.

In this episode of The Fifth Estate podcast, Robyn Chuter joins us again for a chat about the Woo-Flu and other things. – Australia Heather Heying – Substack “Natural Selections” Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance – Dr Robert Malone on Joe Rogan’s Podcast Dr. Peter A. McCullough on Joe Rogan’s Podcast Zelenko Protocol – YouTube Clip, PubMed … Read more

Continuing Down The COVID Rabbit Hole – Part 2 with Robyn Chuter

Show notes for Episode 22. Ottawa Charter Jakarta Declaration Event 201 Disease Mitigation Measures in the Control of Pandemic Influenza Dark Winter Unlimited Hangout – Whitney Webb DAEN Australia Project Veritas Lazarus Report Matthew Crawford on Substack (Rounding The Earth Newsletter) Robyn’s detailsRobyn Chuter BHSc(Hons), ND, GDCouns, FASLM, MATMSASLM Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner Empower Total Health Subscribe on Substack Online … Read more

18: What Is Australia Becoming, George Christensen and Alex Jones,

The dehumanisation of those not participating in the therapeutics trial continues with the Qld Premier affirming her plans to create a segregated society by excluding the unjabbed after Dec 17. George Christensen appeared on Alex Jones’ InfoWars to talk about what is happening in Australia. definition of internment camp His appearance on InfoWars David Littleproud’s tweet Barnaby Joyce’s tweet … Read more