Reignite Democracy Likely To Be Part Of The Problem, Not Solution

What originally started as a platform or way for the average Australian to have a voice, or bridge the gap between the voters and their elected representatives is slowly morphing into a political party. What will be interesting to see is whether they be part of the solution, or part of the problem? Sadly, I think they will be the … Read more

How Do We Push Back?

Before I begin, I want to make it perfectly clear that this piece is informational only, and is not legal advice, a call to arms or anything like that. This is simply my thoughts on what I would do, and what I would like to see others do. So, here we go. Here we are at the end of July, … Read more

Katie Hopkins’ deportation is an embarrassment to Australia

What happened to the Aussie Larrikin, or the Australian ability to make a joke about everything? Have we become that sensitive about everything, that we can’t handle someone joking about being pointlessly confined to a hotel room for two weeks? Honestly, the whole hotel quarantine thing has gone way past being a joke, and is now something that we should … Read more

The “Otherising” Is Increasing

Today’s corporate media are masters are otherising people to turn the majority against them. And this campaign against those who question the Pandemic narrative is no different. The more often they do it, the easier it is for average person to think of them the way that the corporate press is portraying them. The easiest way for the corporate press … Read more

DPP Joins WorkSafe In Deadly Hotel Detention Fiasco

Twelve months (supposedly*) after starting their investigation, WorkSafe Victoria is finally getting help from the Victorian Department of Public Prosecutions. According to the Herald Sun, the WorkSafe Victoria probe into the Andrews Government’s deadly hotel quarantine * fiasco is being referred the Office of Public Prosecutions Victoria to “test” whether criminal charges should be laid. The possibly self initiated investigation … Read more

Andy Meddick Misleads Again…

Suffering a mild case of relevance deprivation syndrome, due to parliament’s mid-year break, Andy Meddick, from the Animal Justice Party decided to create some drama, and in the process mislead those gullible enough to believe it. This time around, he seems to have taken offence to a pamphlet that was allegedly being distributed in the region he represents. Deception Or … Read more

Dan’s Story Doesn’t Add Up

Taking a leaf out of Peter Beattie, the self-confessed media tart’s handbook, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is attempting to control the narrative, and rewrite history, about what happened with his “fall”. Except the awkward part is, the story in his glossy production doesn’t match up with those already released by the Victoria Police, and Ambulance Victoria. Dan’s Version In his … Read more

Welcome to The Fifth Estate

Journalism is printing what somebody else does not want printed – everything else is public relations This quote is often attributed to George Orwell. Whether he wrote it or not isn’t really that important. What is important, is the quote itself. Today’s media is nothing more than a corporate PR machine for government and big business. They have failed in their … Read more