Lisa Neville And Shane Patton MUST Resign

Looking at footage of the protests from yesterday, Saturday, and one thing is abundantly clear.

Both Police Minister, Lisa Neville, and Police Commissioner, Shane Patton must resign.

They have either allowed a poor culture to infest the force, or they are ignorant whilst it developed.

And, they also deliberately put officers in harms way for the sole purpose of media footage.

Despite what the corrupt corporate press is saying, the activities of Victoria Police at the past two “Freedom Rally” protests has been in conflict with their own guidelines.

The use of OC Spray/Foam, initially, was not warranted, was likely to inflame the situation, and was used for compliance rather than defensive reasons.

Then yesterday, there is footage of a female on her back, after being pushed to the ground, being sprayed by two officers.

Prior to being pushed over, this person displayed no active aggression to officers, yet she was pushed over and sprayed.

There is even footage from Rebel News of the media being targeted for spraying.

Now, adding to this, is the placing of general duties police officers onto the front line of these protests.

The General Duties police officer does not have the training or equipment to respond to protests like this.

This is why there is the Public Order Response Team.

There never should have been a line of general duties officers in front of an advancing crowd.

Adding to this, is a claim on twitter that the P.O.R.T. was pushing the crowd towards the general duties officers.

If this is true, then both those officers and the protestors have been used as pawns in a disgusting game.

Adding to the incompetence of those at the top, or the deliberate setting up of both officers and protestors is the use of Protective Services Officers.

Protesters in Richmond clashing with police (Protective Service Officers). Picture: Jason Edwards
Protesters in Richmond clashing with police (Protective Service Officers). Picture: Jason Edwards

That any of this was allowed to happen in the first place shows that there is something seriously wrong with the top of the food chain at Victoria Police.

Now, to be clear, as I have said in the past, protesting like this will do nothing for the cause.

And, as we have seen it will be used by a corrupt corporate press to further the government’s narrative.

Yes, those attending the protests were in breach of the Directions from the Chief Health Officer, though so were the construction workers who took their “lunchroom protest” to the streets on Friday.

And, there was no police response to that.

This is truly one of those situations where the response is far worse than what would have happened if the protest had have been allowed to happen.

The other thing that is truly too scary to even think about is that this was a deliberate act by the Andrews Government to get both the police and the citizens of Victoria off-side with each other, in preparation for what is coming next.

Whatever that is…