Not Only Must Andrews Resign, The ALP and Liberal/National Party Must Too, And The List Doesn’t End There

The Herald-Sun’s court jester conservative, Andrew Bolt, has once again been given space to have a pointless rant about why Dan Andrews should resign. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do think he should resign. I also think that his resignation needs to be followed by the rest of the Labor Party, Brett Sutton, Jerome Weimar, and anyone else involved … Read more

Will Union Members Finally Wake Up?

Today we saw the frustration from experimental medicine mandates, unscientific lockdowns, and curfews finally boil over. Union members vented their frustration, and concerns about being sold out to CFMEU State Secretary, John Setka. And, like a child being told off, the Union movement has closed ranks and denied that members were involved. They have even gone so far as to … Read more

State Of Emergency Extended Because Of A Guess

Today, the 17th report to Parliament on the Extension of the Declaration of a State of Emergency was tabled. At 339 pages, it will make for an interesting read, if you want to wade through it all. Though the important part of the report is contained in pages 127 to 149. This is the letter that the Chief Health Officer … Read more

Applying For Accreditation

Part of, what seems to be accepted practice here in Victoria, is for those who want to become a journalist is to join the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA), which is, for want of a better term, a Union. Now to be honest here, I have applied to join, though as part of the application, I need to provide … Read more

Sky News Australia’s Ban Shows Why Big Tech Should Be…

Sky News Australia has received a 7 day ban from uploading new content to its YouTube channel for allegedly breaching community guidelines. As to be expected, those on the left are having a field day. They are claiming that the channel spreads misinformation, are “COVID-denyers”, “anti-vaxxers” and all sort of things. Those on the left are also using this ban … Read more

Reignite Democracy Likely To Be Part Of The Problem, Not Solution

What originally started as a platform or way for the average Australian to have a voice, or bridge the gap between the voters and their elected representatives is slowly morphing into a political party. What will be interesting to see is whether they be part of the solution, or part of the problem? Sadly, I think they will be the … Read more

How Do We Push Back?

Before I begin, I want to make it perfectly clear that this piece is informational only, and is not legal advice, a call to arms or anything like that. This is simply my thoughts on what I would do, and what I would like to see others do. So, here we go. Here we are at the end of July, … Read more

Katie Hopkins’ deportation is an embarrassment to Australia

What happened to the Aussie Larrikin, or the Australian ability to make a joke about everything? Have we become that sensitive about everything, that we can’t handle someone joking about being pointlessly confined to a hotel room for two weeks? Honestly, the whole hotel quarantine thing has gone way past being a joke, and is now something that we should … Read more